Our Story

Gerald G. Farnsworth established the business in 1922. Back then; the main focus of the business was repairing radios, and eventually televisions and stereos, along with installing microphone systems in churches and schools. In 1955, Gerald purchased the building where Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. calls itself home. In the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. continued repairing all kinds of electronic equipment and sold quality stereo equipment.

In 1970, Gerald’s son, Jim Farnsworth took over the family business. At that time, there were five electronics parts distributors in Waterloo, Iowa. Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. opened 2 stereo stores in both local area shopping malls. Unfortunately, the economy weakened and these two stores were closed in the early 1980’s. With the evolution of “disposable” electronics, the need for repairs was diminished. Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. changed gears and focused on industrial electronics. To this day, Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. is the only local industrial electronics company selling not only to contractors, other distributors, but also to the general public.

In 1992, Jim’s daughter, Anji Barnard started working at the family business and will take over from Jim someday. Anji introduced Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. to the internet showcasing the products this business has to offer. In recent years, online ordering has become available, slowly,on many different products. Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. encourages customers to use catalogs from other distributors such as Newark or Allied Electronics as reference tools, then place orders with us. Usually we can match or beat the prices of those, and other companies. We feel we can provide much better knowledge then catalog companies can and we strive to have on-time deliveries along with fast and friendly service.

For over 94 years, Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. has been serving not only Iowa, but also the entire United States and other countries such as Australia, UK, and many others. Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. offers over 350 brands with over 10,000 square feet of inventory. If you are in need of products such as capacitors, relays, miniature light bulbs, soldering equipment, cable ties, resistors, heat shrink tubing, semiconductors, tubes, patch cables, chemicals, fuses, connectors, etc. Farnsworth Electronics, Inc. has Everything you Need and Everything you Want.