Violations of the Octet Rule - Chemwiki

Some of our customers have commented or asked why the atom that makes up the Farnsworth Electronics logo, only has 3 electrons. There are many reasons why it only has 3 instead of an even number of electrons like most other atoms have. One reason is because the Farnsworth Electronics atom is a Free Radical, a direct violation of the Octet Rule, in a sense that when you think about science, chemistry, and electronics, there are rules, standards and common sense, while at the same time there exists the realm of the unexplained. An area of the universe just outside our grasp that is filled with endless amounts of knowledge and energy, that if we continue to always strive to reach out to and attain knowledge from, we may just find answers to questions we never knew we were asked. Too much of science is spent on disproving or proving Why and How things are done and the correct way to do things, when the focus should be on the results and the inventive ways people solved problems or created something from nothing. 
 I personally like to think that it is meant to remind me that while there are rules to live by when it comes to electronics, there is always a shortcut, workaround, or inventive way of approaching every problem, as long as you are willing to view that problem from a different perspective than you have been conditioned to see it from.

-Joshua Forbes
Farnsworth Electronics Circuit Bender